Choose a Good Forex Broker!!

Unlike stock and futures brokers, not all Forex brokers are regulated. It is important to open an account with a regulated, reputable Forex broker or a bank that is a registered member of a regulating body. Since there is no central market, there is no global regulatory agency responsible for monitoring the activity of the currency markets. Therefore, regulation is left to each country. In the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank monitors the banking system and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has jurisdiction over all Futures and Forex activity. When trading in the foreign exchange markets, individuals should only trade with a CFTC-registered entity that is also a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and is regulated by the CFTC. For non-US broker/bank entities, be sure that the broker or bank is registered with that country’s appropriate regulatory bodies. For instance, if you are dealing with brokers in the United Kingdom, you will make sure they are registered by the FSA or Arif for brokers in Switzerland.

In addition to working with a regulated broker, you want a broker that has low spreads. These spreads are calculated in pips, which is the difference between the price at which a currency can be bought and the price at which it can be sold at any given point in time. This is how the Forex Brokers or banks made their money since they do not charge commissions. So, obviously, lower spreads will save you more money.

Trading tools are very important when choosing a Forex broker. Specifically, you want a broker that will give you a good charting and trading software that has the ability to plot indicators that your trading method uses. This brings up an important point. You should never go looking for charting software first and then try to use or develop a trading method. Instead, you should first get educated on a good trading method (or develop your own) and then find charting software that will let you implement this method. Thankfully, many Forex brokers do provide you with very adequate charting and trading software, all bundled together.

Other aspects to watch for when choosing a Forex broker are the leverage levels and the account types (standard and mini accounts) offered. Most brokers offer at least 100.1 leverage, which is more than adequate for most traders. Some brokers also offer greater leverage, up to 400.1. However, this type of leverage is completely unnecessary as the risk-reward ratio can quickly go against you if you use excessive leverage. Depending on your account size, you will want to be sure the broker you choose offers the appropriate account types. Standard and mini accounts are typical. The standard account typically requires a minimum initial capital of $2, 000 or more, while the mini account typically requires $300 or more. Leverage of 100.1 should be available for either a standard or mini account.

What Makes the Best Broker Forex Traders?

The best broker Forex traders look for is one that helps make trading flow smoothly for them. To find such a broker is not too difficult. Talking to other traders is a good way to begin. There are also many articles online with helpful tips about selecting the right broker. Best online forex brokers list is an online review of over 200 brokers. There are pretty stringent criteria for making this list. Aside from requiring details describing the company like name, address, year of company’s founding, the year the firm first started trading on the Forex, their platform, and their typical spreads, they are required to disclose the maximum leverage they allow. The brokers who make the list are also required to prove that they are regulated by a legitimate government agency and show that they have never been sanctioned by that agency. They must be included in the top 25 firms based on popularity and rating ranks.

The list of the top 25 firms is determined by collecting the opinions of active traders from around the world. The numbers are tallied and adjusted to reflect an average overall number. The final scores are between 1 and 10.

The rank for a most popular broker is calculated using the level of traffic to the broker’s website and also by the number of trader rankings collected. When traders vote with their money it gives a good indication of the broker’s popularity. The ratings and the popularity ranks are totaled to come up with one number reflecting the two components. This is the number used for comparison.

To find the best broker forex traders use recommendations of other traders. One form of broker is the market maker. This broker will buy when you want to sell and sell to you when you want to buy. They make money on the spread between the two prices. Caution should be used when trading with a market maker. Trading with electronic communications networks(ECN) is another way to do business. An ECN matches up trades between to people rather than taking the other side of the transaction. They make their money on commissions.

To make sure they choose the best broker forex traders to need to do their own due diligence. It is essential in making money that your trading experience be as easy as possible. Start with a company that will allow you to trade first with a demo account so you can build your confidence before entering the real market.

Believing claims that some brokers make in their advertising can lead you to danger. Many companies promise you success if you just follow their trading programs and let their software systems make buy and sell decisions for you. These companies are scams. To really be a long-term success story in the currency markets you must build enough confidence in your own decisions through education and practice that you really only need a broker for the mechanics of the trade. Do not depend on someone else to make you a success. In this market, the only true successes are self-made successes.

Best Forex Trading Software

s automated Forex trading software a tool which can help you to maximize your profits on the Forex trading market? The answer to this is absolutely yes. With the right software, automated currency trading programs can make it much easier to make a profit on the Foreign exchange market.

However, you must be careful when purchasing this software. It is not all created equal and some of it cannot be trusted with your investments. If you use the wrong Forex trading software you may find that rather than making a nice profit, the software is actually causing you to lose money.

One class of Forex currency trading software is nothing more than a notifier which will tell you of trades that it believes will maximize your profit. It is up to you to analyze these trades and decide if you want to pull the trigger.

Those who are experts in the Forex market may find this to be the better type of software to use as they can use their own knowledge to analyze and supplement the trades found by the software. Others who are not experts may find the other type of Forex software more helpful.

The other category of Forex software does not simply notify you of available trades. It will analyze the market and determine which trades will maximize profits. Once it does this, the automated Forex trading software will make the trade at what it considers the perfect time to maximize your profits.

It can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will make it much easier for those who do not know much about the Forex market to maximize their profits. For most people, this is the most preferred type of currency trading software as it does not require constant supervision and decision making.

Forex Trading Mentor!

The forex market is a vast arena for foreign currency rate speculation that has taken off in recent years and become increasingly easy to access and put money into. While this is a good thing for traders with a solid foundation in forex trading strategies, those traders who are brand new to the game might find themselves a bit lost if they do not enlist the help of a qualified forex trading mentor. Having someone to guide as you learn to trade who is experienced and successful can literally be the difference between achieving success in the forex market and blowing out numerous trading accounts.

Learning any skill or profession is significantly easier with the help of an experienced mentor, and it is no different with forex trading. When you have a forex mentor to guide you in the early stages of your trading career it can drastically reduce your learning curve by helping you to avoid many of the most common mistakes that beginning traders make. A forex training mentor can either be a direct personal guide or someone who offers a forex training course that provides you with a logical flow of information to successfully trade the market with. Many beginning traders find themselves somewhat lost and confused by the overload of information there is on the internet these days about forex and how best to trade it.

You do not have to end up in the masses of confused traders; you can leap over them by enlisting the services of a qualified, trusted, and respected forex trading training mentor. It is obviously possible to teach yourself how to trade, however, the cost you will pay by going through all the trial and error will far exceed any cost you incur by paying a forex trading mentor to show you the ropes. The forex training mentors who put out a comprehensive and effective forex course are able to offer their services much cheaper than one on one forex mentors. Essentially, the best bang for your buck when it comes to learning how to trade the forex market comes from finding an experienced trader who has developed a quality forex trading course and learning from it. A good quality forex training course will be your guide to the forex market, you can use it whenever you want and you can learn to trade around your own specific schedule.

Finally, there are essentially two routes you can take on your journey to learning how to trade forex profitably. The first route is the self-taught route, while you might still get to your destination of becoming a successful forex trader; it is very likely going to be an extremely rough journey with many ups and downs and uncertainties along the way, not to mention thousands of lost dollars. The second route is the forex trading mentor route, this route might seem unnecessary at first, but forex trading is a very deceptive game; it seems easy on the surface, but once you get into it a little more it becomes a very tricky game of elusive profits. Utilize the services of a forex mentor who has already found success in the markets, and your own success will be much easier to obtain.


How To Get Rich In Forex ?!

Hundreds of thousands of people are literally conned into trading Forex every year by unscrupulous Forex brokers and Forex educators because they’ve been led to believe that making money in Forex is the easiest thing in the world. After all, the Forex market is a perpetual bull market, with juicy trades available for you at all hours of the day, in both long and short directions, right? The reality is, the Forex markets are one of the toughest places to turn a profit, especially for someone who is just getting started in Forex. The only way that you’re going to survive as a beginner Forex trader is to be patient and aim for small, consistent returns while you build up your capital. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to get rich slow by trading Forex.

Why Getting Rich Quick Doesn’t Work In Forex

In Forex, just as in any other form of investing or trading, you need money to make money. The more money that you have to trade, the more money you can earn. If you’re getting started in Forex with just a few thousand dollars, then you won’t be making that much in Forex trading profits at the start, and that’s fine because you can always grow your profits with additional investments and by allowing your profits to the compound. You don’t have to make 50-100% returns to get rich in Forex.

Building up a significant Forex trading income takes time and patience, but many people make the mistake of trying to shortcut the process by taking bigger risks. After all, if you can make 5% a month by trading on a 1 contract size, you can make 50% a month by moving up to 10 contracts, right? Unfortunately, this oversimplified logic doesn’t work, because it doesn’t take into account the losses that you’ll have along the way. Many people wipe out their account in one or two trades this way because they don’t have enough money in their account to withstand the losses.

How To Get Rich Slow Trading Forex

Instead of trying to get rich quickly by being too aggressive with your risk, there is a better way. Firstly, you’ll need a profitable Forex trading system or strategy, and if you don’t have one then the best way to get one sooner rather than later is to buy one. There are a few good ones in the market right now, and you’ll be able to differentiate them from the junk/scam type systems easily if you look for the more conservative ones in terms of returns. A typical profitable Forex trading system will deliver 5-10% returns a month consistently, and not promise you overly optimistic returns in a short period of time.

Know That How To Research Forex Trade ?

Without a doubt, the first thing to understand about Forex is that you do not simply give your hard-earned money to some supposed Forex Guru to trade (ala Bernie Madoff.) No, in Forex there is excellent transparency because the first step you take is to set up your own account in your own personal name or the name of a business entity you control. Accounts are set up by highly regulated Forex brokers. These brokers are registered and regulated by the National Future’s Association. The great thing about this transparency is that whether you have your money traded by a Money manager or trade your money yourself, either way, you know what’s happening with your money 24/7.

The Broker
A key player in the transparency of Forex is the Forex Broker. The Forex Broker must comply with several requirements inorder to qualify to be a Forex Broker in the US. As such these brokers must be financially sound and solvent in order to be a broker. That is extremely limportant because if you trust your money at an unregistered Forex broker abroad then there is certainly less protection for your capital. Thus setting your account up at a top notch Forex broker that complies with the US regulations do provide some peace of mind. In addition to the security of your funds, the Forex broker generally provides access to your account online so you can track your account 24 hours a day in real time. Compare that to mutual funds, your 401k, and other investments that are much slower and definitely less transparent in being able to track and you realize that Forex provides some advantages that these other investments simply do not.

Money Manager vs. Trading yourself
There are pros and cons to both trading for yourself and utilizing a Money Manager. A fact that most people must come to terms with is if you can’t dedicate a lot of time weekly and daily to study the Forex market which can literally take years to adequately learn and understand then finding a trading program and money manager are a must. On the other hand, if you can put in the time then there are resources provided by Forex brokers at your disposal. At the bottom of this article, there is a link that provides free Forex training and education that will help you in terms of finding quality Forex programs through licensed, reputable Money managers and additional education for trading on your own.

Money Manager Requirements
The Money manager needs to of course have a track record and you really want to find a money manager that understands what you are trying to accomplish. Forex should be a tool in your portfolio chest, but as is the case of most investments you should never put all of your eggs in any one asset class basket, but certainly 10% to 15% of your portfolio is a reasonable percentage to be able to diversify your portfolio. Depending on the Forex program you look for, it is possible to earn substantially higher returns in many Forex programs when compared to typical mutual funds and so forth. You also want to pay attention to drawdowns, with any forex program or investment there are typically periods of consecutive losses so you want to pay special attention to those, typically the bigger the returns, the more sizeable the drawdowns or periods of loss may also be.